How To Boost Your Food Business Productivity With A Restaurant POS System

No one will crown you an expert or a number one restaurateur unless your restaurant productivity is high. Offering tasty food, having competent staffs or even all orders in place but slow service delivery and inefficient management is the road to fail. In this technology-reliant generation, having a restaurant POS system in your food business is a right path to boosting your productivity.

 However, the question remains on the relations between a selling point and productivity. While there is a link between them, what new contributions will the restaurant POS system have at my restaurant? Here they are:

  1. Elimination of transaction and order errors

A major setback in any business restaurants included is transactional errors. Take it this way; you are selling a cuisine at $400. Your waiter serves the customer with the cuisine. But instead of writing down $400 on the payment processing receipt, s/he writes $40. In the end, you make a loss of 360 bucks. Imagine, if such errors frequently occur per day, your restaurant business will be bed ridden for the next few months.

Having restaurant POS system eliminates such transactional and ordering errors.  The selling point system integrates with the restaurant menu. Whenever the waiter places an order, the system automatically generates the appropriate price for each menu component. As such, your business is saved from making unnecessary transactional and ordering errors which is key to productivity improvement.

  1. Reduces customer waiting time

The best formula to losing customers in your restaurant business is keeping the waiting before being served. Compare this case; you visit a restaurant where you are served within two minutes. On another occasion, you decide to eat lunch at a food junction only to be served after 20 minutes of waiting. Where would you prefer visiting? Of course, the first restaurant would be your choice.

With this in mind, having a restaurant POS reduces the customer waiting time. Orders processing becomes easy and faster. As a result, your business enjoys more turntables and high customer experience. A happy customer means a guaranteed repeat sale which transforms to higher sales and productivity.

  1. Enhance your labor force

Naturally, humans are lazy, and most of them hate work. As a restaurateur, you need to track down your staffs working hours to ensure high productivity and efficient utilization of your human resources. However, even if you hire a guard to record check in and checkout time of your employees, errors, and cheating will always occur. Modern restaurant POS system developers had this idea in their mind.

They have integrated the biometric technology on the selling point systems to help you manage your labor force. Through the biometric technology, you can put in place fingerprint scanners to record check in and out times of your staffs. Hence, you can know how long the employees worked and pay them accordingly and avoid paying for ghost hours (hours not worked for).

  1. Improvement of decision making

As an entrepreneur, decision making is your overall task. Each moment you have to decide on the way forward for your restaurant business. Information from business reports is the engine that powers decision making. In this essence, a restaurant POS system automates business report generation. Whenever you need a report on a particular area, say sales, inventory, or revenue, you can easily access them.

In this regard, decision making becomes an easy task. Since reducing duration for decision-making enhances your business productivity through enabling you to take appropriate actions saving your business from incurring losses. Hence, a restaurant POS system boosts your productivity by improving the decision making process.

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